Priscilla A. Doel, Executive Director
"Let your life speak."

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Health and Safety

Maine SAFE is an authorized Red Cross provider for Workplace Health and Safety Training Programs, HIV/AIDS outreach. We are a unique service in the State because we provide these programs in Spanish. The target population has been migrant and seasonal Spanish-speakers, especially those working in forestry under H2B visas. This was one of our first programs, through a DOL grant, but was expanded in partnership with the Forest Resource Association after the very tragic automobile accident in which 14 men lost their lives. During our first year with FRA we trained approximately 255 men. This program was offered for three consecutive years and after a one year hiatus was resumed.

firt aid class

Maine SAFE has also trained men working in our blueberry and cranberry industries.

first aid class

One of Maine SAFE’s first programs in the area of health were clinics for migrant workers held in Jackman, Maine in the summer of 1998. This service was provided by local doctors and nurses who volunteered their time.

first aid class

In 2007, Maine SAFE, working with the FRA, developed and offered a driver safety training course in Spanish for the van drivers who transport the H2B workers through the roads of our Great Northern Woods.